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Add: Shanghai nanxiang town, jiading district, jia good road 1919
Tel: +8621-69031318 69920917
Fax: 021-69920967
Mob: Mr zhou 13611921166
E-mail: shfzjcom@vip.163.com
Post Code: 201802
Web: http://www.fujiga.com
company profile
Shanghai rich the proper mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD is located in the Oriental pearl of Shanghai, China, adjacent to Shanghai railway station and Shanghai hongqiao international airport, traffic is very convenient. Is one specialized is engaged in mechanical and electrical products research, development and production, the sale is a body enterprise, has a group of senior electronic equipment, screen printing machinery and other equipment production, manufacturing, management and technical personnel, at the same time set up a comprehensive technical service team.
Company introduces the advanced manufacturing technology, at the same time, the establishment of a strict management system, products adopt modern advanced electromechanical integration technology, main parts come from Europe and the United States and other international well-known enterprises, product performance is stable and reliable. Widely used in electronics, packaging, advertising, plastic, glass, ceramics, aerospace and other industries, some products are exported to southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Company products are all kinds of plane, surface printing, silk screen printing equipment and peripheral equipment, and electronic equipment and drying equipment.  a batch of senior screen printing machinery manufacturing, development, research and technical personnel, at the same time, build a comprehensive screen printing technology training staff and professional pre-sales and after-sales service.
All staff through rigorous on-the-job training and complete the printing process of theory and practice of assessment, to ensure that our employees can assume the user's installation, debugging, training and technical support. Introduced the domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing and testing technology and equipment, formed a complete set of scientific management system and enterprise spirit and culture.
Key components of all products from Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other international famous brand enterprises, like Siemens, mitsubishi, omron, schneider, etc., product quality reliable, stable performance.
The company's main products series are:
PCB equipment and peripheral equipment being a full range of printing equipment
Being is ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) drying equipment
A brush seal materials being
Products are widely used in packaging, printing, advertisement decoration, electronic printed metal such as plastic, ceramic (lining) porcelain glass processing print industry. Products are exported to all over the country, some products exported to southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, South Africa and other regions.
Wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to visit our company. We sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!
Mixer service commitments
1. All the factory product installation, commissioning, technical training free of charge.
2. After installation and debugging, one year free warranty, maintenance for years.
3. Provide free screen printing technology consulting, training, information service.
  Add: Shanghai nanxiang town, jiading district, jia good road 1919    Phone: +8621-69031318 69920917    Mob(Sunday) : Mr zhou, 13611921166
Company:Shang hai fujiga electromechanical equipment Co.,LTD    Support: Shang hai fei mo information technology co., LTD